Mild Steel Rods

ESAB is a world leader in mild steel filler metals and offers an unmatched ability to meet your speciality needs.

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Code Description Wire Diameter Wire Grade Pack Weight Price Quantity
100000006769 ESAB OK Tigrod 12.62 1.6x1000mm 5kg 126216R150 1.6mm ER70S-2 5kg
£71.97 (exc VAT) per Pack
100000006770 ESAB OK Tigrod 12.62 2.4x1000mm 5kg 126224R150 2.4mm ER70S-2 5kg
£62.86 (exc VAT) per Pack
100000006771 ESAB OK Tigrod 12.62 3.2x1000mm 5kg 126232R150 3.2mm ER70S-2 5kg
£61.67 (exc VAT) per Reel