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Lorch T250 ACDC ControlPro W/CPkg + Trolley & PMaster Torch
Lorch Regulator
Lorch Return Earth Cable
Lorch T-Series Trolley
Lorch i-Tig Torch Powermaster
Lorch TIG T Series AC-DC Control Pro Panel

Lorch T250 ACDC ControlPro W/CPkg + Trolley & PMaster Torch

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  • Mobile TIG welding inverter. Jobs that used to require enormous welding machines are mastered with ease today by our T-series machines, which take up only minimal space and boast superior technology as well as extraordinary TIG welding characteristics. Good ergonomics and easy to carry from only 12 kg.Ideal for applications on the go.
  • Pulse and fast pulse up to 2 kHz. The standard pulse function with up to 2 kHz that is built into every machine offers you additional benefits when welding thin plates.
  • Low energy consumption. The included on-demand function automatically turns the components of the unit on and off as needed. Thermal control sensors monitor the temperature of the machine and regulate the speed of the fan accordingly. This smart technology reduces fan noise and dust levels in the machine compartment and helpsconserve energy.
  • First-rate welding performance. High-end technology and the SmartBase parameter database control the arc to produce flawless results.
  • Changeover from DC to AC. Lorch’s T series provides you with maximum flexibility even during aluminium welding.
  • Non-contacting HF ignition. The TIG arc is ignited without direct contact by high-voltage pulses. Ignition is triggered with the press of a button to ensure that the tungsten electrode does not come into contact with the workpiece. Putting an end to welds with tungsten inclusions, this technology reduces the strain on the electrode.When working in HF-sensitive environments or on tools, the operator has the additional option of switching to ContacTIG (contact ignition).
  • Tiptronic. Using the Tiptronic facility in the ControlPro version,you save your ideal setting for each weld so that you can effortlessly retrieve the settings one at a time using the Up-Down or Powermaster torch when performing recurring welding tasks.
  • Optional equipment. While designed for mobile applications, the Lorch T series can be converted into a handy, yet fully capable machine suitable for use in the workshop by upgrading it with an optional water cooling system. When mounted on an optional Maxi Trolley, it fully retains its mobile capabilities even with the water cooling system fitted.
  • Intelligent Torch Control. Thanks to Intelligent Torch Control (ITC), Lorch’s smart torch control system, the machines included in the T series are capable of detecting whether the inserted torch is a standard torch or one of Lorch’s i-Torch torches. These systems offer an extensive range of protective features for the torch and afford the welder a significant amount of added convenience.
  • Protected against falls from a height of up to 60 cm. Thanks to its exceptionally low weight the Lorch T series is easy to carry, yet fully protected against falls from a height of up to 60 cm.

Package price includes:

  • Lorch T 250 AC/DC Control Pro
  • Lorch TIG Torch Powermaster i-LTW 3000-PM 4mtr
  • Water cooling unit WUK 7
  • Maxi Transport Trolley
  • Earth return cable
  • Regulator Pro Ar/CO2 200 bar 32/24 (UK connection)



Mains VoltageThree Phase
Control PanelControl Pro
ProcessesTIG / MMA / TIG Pulse
Power Source TypeInverter

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