SabreGas Rent Free Welding Gases

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No annual rental!
No transaction charges!
No hidden charges!

Pay for a 10 year 'Right to use' for each cylinder then just pay for refills.
Available in 10 and 20 ltr.
All cylinders are filled to 200bar.

Fill cost Ex VAT Inc VAT
SabreGas Pure 10ltr £23.40 £28.08
SabreGas 5% 10ltr £22.76 £27.31
SabreGas 20% 10ltr £21.51 £25.81
SabreGas Pure 20ltr £44.66 £53.59
SabreGas 5% 20ltr £43.47 £52.16
SabreGas 20% 20ltr £41.08 £49.30
10 Year Right to use Ex VAT Inc VAT
10ltr £99.50 £119.40
20ltr £189.00 £226.80
SabreGas Delivery Charge £13.50 £16.20


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General Terms of Agreement, Sabre Gas 10 year right to use and refill terms of agreement.

1. Right to use

Right to use is for a period of 10 years from date of purchase, the customer will be notified in 10 years for either the return of the cylinders or sign a new agreement for a further 10 years, this agreement is none cylinder specific.

2. Guaranteed Maintenance

All cylinders will be tested & re-certified on a 10 year basis, and be carried out by an approved test house on behalf of Elmdale Welding & Engineering Supplies Ltd.

3. Routine Maintenance

All cylinders will be checked upon return for either filling or end of 10 year period, any damage will be charged to the customer, other than general wear and tear.

4. Exchange of cylinders

All cylinders can only be exchanged on a like for like basis, unless agreed by Elmdale Welding & Engineering Supplies Ltd.

5. Refilling of contents

The refilling of cylinders will only be carried out on behalf of Elmdale Welding & Engineering Supplies Ltd.; anyone found to be filling out of this agreement will be prosecuted.

6. Cylinder contents

All cylinders will be filled according to the label or marking on the cylinder, it is the customer’s responsibility to verify the contents according to the cylinder mentioned above.

7. Ownership/loss

All cylinders remain the property of Elmdale Welding & Engineering Supplies Ltd, any loss or theft of the cylinders is the sole responsibility of the customer, any loss or theft will be charged accordingly.

8. Returning unwanted cylinders

Any cylinder returned unwanted within 10 years for credit must be returned with this signed agreement credit is as follows:

Returned within;
Year 1      50% credit on right to use.
Year 2      30% credit on right to use.
Year 3      onwards to year 8, 10% credit on right to use.

No credit in year 9 or 10.