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ESAB FR/Leather Trousers Size 2X-Large 0700500568

ESAB FR/Leather Trousers Size 2X-Large 0700500568

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FR denim combines with split grain leather to provide comfortable, durable and effective welding trousers. These trousers meet Class 2 protection which inspires confidence of the ultimate protection even in the most demanding situations.

The leather front is layered on top of 100% cotton FR denim to allow for advanced protection without sacrificing comfort. Using a traditional 4-pocket design, the front pockets are protected by a full hook-and-loop closure, while the rear pockets are protected by a snap–over closure to prevent hot material intrusion. A protected button fly completes the fit, allowing for maximum comfort. Adding to the convenience, there is a tool pocket along the right thigh.

Class 2-recommended for manual welding techniques with heavy formation of spatters and drops e.g MMA welding (with basic or cellulose-covered electrode), MAG welding (CO2 or mixed gases), MIG welding (with high current), self-shielded flux cored arc welding, plasma cutting, gouging, oxygen cutting, thermal spraying for operation of machines confined spaces, at overhead welding / cutting or in constrained positions. This clothing is intended to protect against flames, molten metal, spatter, radiant heat and short term, accidental electrical contact.


  • Reinforced front made of durable grade-A split leather to withstand the exposure to welding spatter
  • Meets EN ISO 11611:2015, Class 2A1 standards
  • Top and bottom are made from flame-retardant 100% cotton denim
  • Reinforced Kevlar® stitching



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